Tech Intersect #11: Anne T. Griffin-Inclusion in a Web 3.0 World

In this episode, I welcome Anne T. Griffin, a human and product manager, in that order (as she says), who studied engineering at the University of Michigan. She is passionate about the human aspects of technology and building machine learning and AI products rooted in the realities of the human experience. She is also an Emerging Tech Correspondent for Tech2025, a platform and community for learning about, and discussing emerging technologies such as AI. Tech2025, incidentally, company founded by another Tech Intersect Guest, Charlie Oliver—so listen to episode 4 to hear my conversation with Charlie about the future of technology.

Anne’s current focus is on exploring what “fairness” means at a product level and how teams can integrate empathy and awareness of the impact of bias into the creative and development process. She has worked with major companies such as Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, American Express, Comcast, and Colgate-Palmolive. So her background and expertise make her uniquely qualified for the work she does today.

Time listen, learn & leverage. So let’s get started.

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