Prepare for the #NewEconomy

Tech Intersect™ is an educational and entertaining podcast that prepares you for what’s next in your career in a Web 3.0 world where technology rules and data is the new oil.

The show features engaging conversations that demystify leading-edge trends at the heart of where law, business and tech intersect.

Topics include the business, legal and ethical issues that have emerged due to the meteoric rise of Web 3.0 technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the Internet of things. We also talk leadership, upskilling, new collar jobs, the and all things related to the future of technology, work and the world.

Your #FutureIsNow


The Future of Wealth

Explore the business and legal implications of this blockchain and cryptographically-secured assets like Bitcoin. This emerging tech is poised to disrupt finance, media, real estate, healthcare, sports, entertainment, education, logistics and more.

AI, ML, VR/AR and IoT

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality and the Internet of Things are an exciting and integral part of the next level of the world wide web. The Web 2.0 world in which we live, work and play currently, involves user-generated content and social engagement to connect us to each other. Web 3.0, will build on that infrastructure to create the “intelligent web”. Master that and you’ll make yourself indispensable in your career.

Intellectual Property

Learn how and why to create, leverage, monetize and protect copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and rights of publicity. We will also cover how to prepare and manage an intellectual property strategy to protect your business and legal interests and avoid the potential pitfalls of online infringement.

Privacy & Security

Data is more valuable than oil. We have learned the hard way how important data privacy and security are, especially now that the majority of our professional and personal lives are digital. We’ll discuss headlines, best practices and opportunities in an increasingly digital and virtual world.

Future of Work

The future of work is now. We explore how technology is impacting and changing the nature of leadership and entrepreneurship and how to upskill to prepare for new collar jobs. We also cover social impact, inclusion and equity and all things related to the future of work and the world.

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