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Past AMA Chats

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 with mental health and wealth wellness expert, Anthony Ware.

Watch the replay below!

Anthony’s business, Aware Catalysts, focuses on—among other things— a program called Founder Mental Wealth, which helps underestimated and underrepresented entrepreneurs to decrease burnout and improve business outcomes. His mission is to help create a world of new generational wealth: mind, body, spirit, time, and money.

What you will learn in this AMA:

  • The mental health issues and concerns faced by tech and business founders, especially underestimated founders
  • the definition of mental wealth
  • How mental health and wealth are directly connected to your business culture, employer brand and growth of your business

You’ll leave with actionable steps, including your own Mental Wealth Deposit Plan, to dramatically improve your life and business.

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