Advantage Evans™ Academy

Fast Track to Learn & Earn

There’s a more cost effective and time-efficient way to reach your leading-edge learning and earning goals, to put you ahead of the stiff competition in this fast-paced, tech-driven economy.

Considering the broken state of ‘higher’ education, there has to be a better way. The fact is, traditional education costs too much, takes too long, and offers no guarantees of a job upon graduation.

Upcoming sessions:

  • From Cash to Crypto: Buying Your First Bitcoin
  • Register Right! Key Strategies to Protect Your IP, Brand & Business

Courses start the first week of July. Pre-enrollment begins soon (space limited).

Are you ready to be ahead of the curve? Are you ready for an ADVANTAGE?

You need a competitive advantage. You need it now more than ever!

And guess what? Employers don’t have the time to wait for you either. Companies like IBM, Google, Bank of America and EY now consider degrees “optional”. These business, finance and tech powerhouses are focused on your skill sets and demonstrated knowledge in specific areas. So is Advantage Evans™ Academy.

The Advantage Evans™ Method puts you ahead of the curve

  • condensed yet comprehensive online courses
  • carefully curated content to leverage your current skills and expertise to succeed in the new data and digital economies
  • live coaching
  • vibrant and engaging video (no cookie-cutter, or boring canned lectures!)
  • knowledge checks and assessments
  • networking opportunities
  • digital badge on completion

Bottom line. You will learn specific skills and knowledge from experts with demonstrated success in business, technology, online education and life.

Are you ready for an advantage?

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